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Make Email Part of Your Marketing Plan

Email is time-saving, cost-effective, and highly responsive.

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Make Email Part of Your Marketing Plan  

The paradigm shift that has enveloped 21st-century business revolves firmly around the online phenomenon. Nothing encapsulates this new-age spirit of business more than email marketing. Although email was unidentified as a serious marketing tool barely a decade ago, no self-respecting marketing plan today would be presented without an acknowledgement to its reach and ever-increasing power in the marketplace.

When used properly, email is results oriented, non-intrusive, efficient and time-saving, cost-effective, and highly responsive. Here are just a few advantages of integrating email marketing into your business.

Results Oriented
Your email marketing program should open a new revenue stream and be a major component to what drives your business. Measurable results are paramount, and with an email marketing system you are able to track who opened the emails and what messages your clients and prospects are interested in (by viewing the click-through rate). This is a must for motivated advisors and will enable you to evaluate the success of your campaigns.

Have you ever made a cold call to a new prospect at a suboptimal time and received a less-than-warm welcome? Email marketing provides a more passive approach that is generally more agreeable to recipients. Additionally, it can be accompanied by opt-in and opt-out responses to help you refine your list of prospects to include only those genuinely interested in your communications and promotions.

Efficient and Time-Saving
Implementing an email marketing campaign is a simple task that can be completed without extensive resources. To achieve the most powerful results, your email campaigns should be set up as automated email drip marketing, which can save you valuable time compared with sending dozens, hundreds, even thousands of emails one by one. An automated email marketing program will also help eliminate the time-consuming task of keeping track of your clients’ life cues or events that might trigger a need for your services, such as birthdays, anniversaries, a new baby, or a child going off to college.

Although traditional marketing media such as print advertising and direct mail are good ways to diversify your arsenal of marketing tools, they are typically associated with a higher implementation price tag. By contrast, email can be a very affordable technique to deliver your marketing messages. Plus, research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association showed that email marketing’s ROI for 2013 was $28.50 for every $1 invested! How often could you invest $1 to earn over $28? The answer: All day long!

Ultimately, email marketing should be added to your marketing portfolio because it facilitates target marketing, can drive direct sales and referrals, and builds trust and rapport. No marketing plan is complete without it.

Ready to take action? Broadridge Advisor Solutions offers the leading email marketing tool in the financial services industry, AutoMark, which enables you to send emails in an automated fashion or on a select-and-send basis. Designed to complement your Keep in Touch program, each AutoMark delivery is FINRA reviewed and personalized with your contact information. With over 200 pieces of content, AutoMark makes it easy to put your clients on an automatic track to receive a communication each month.

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