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Just One More Call

Sometimes one more call is all it takes to make the difference.

August 29, 2016

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Just One More Call

When I was a young financial advisor, I would ask more experienced and successful advisors something they did everyday that helped them succeed.  I benefited from a lot of great advice and wisdom.  One of the most consequential ideas came from another advisor by the name of Frank.  He would make “one more call” each day, often to his clients, and simply thank them for the privilege of being their financial advisor and reminding them that he was working every day to make sure they were completely satisfied.

I adopted this subtle approach in my own practice.  The rewards began immediately in the form of increased retention, more referrals, and learning more about my clients beyond the world of investments and risk management.  Perhaps the most important and rewarding dynamic, which I was reminded of every day through conversation, was that I had more than a book-of-business set of customers, but rather a wonderful circle of friends.  Make that call today and every day.