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Best Practices For Educational Seminars

These tips are crucial to the successful outcome of your seminar.

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Best Practices For Educational Seminars

Broadridge Advisor Solutions has a long history of helping our clients market their financial seminars to a wide range of prospects across the country. The tips below are derived from the thousands of mailings we have performed and our Science of Seminar Marketing training program. These tips are crucial to the successful outcome of your seminar.

The Seminar Presentation

  • Choosing the right seminar to present is critical. It conveys volumes about you and the professional standards you maintain. The energy and resources that you will spend in getting attendees to your seminar warrant a top-notch presentation.
  • For help in choosing the right educational seminar, call Broadridge.

Charging Tuition

  • Charging tuition for an educational seminar is highly recommended.
  • Although market rates may vary, the suggested fee per couple is $49.
  • An additional 25% materials fee can be charged; however, make sure that the combined total is similar to other financial courses being offered in your area. You don’t want to price your workshop too high.
  • We recommend that you provide light refreshments such as sodas, coffee, and cookies at the break. This keeps the seminar focused on the material, not the food.

The Location

  • Local community colleges and high schools make great locations to hold your seminar.
  • As an alternative, choose a library or other known educational facility in the community.
  • Approach the location host for sponsorship – this will create a more credible seminar and grant you special considerations such as the use of the facility’s logo, reference in their course catalog and website, and often times, they will manage the registrations.
  • If sponsorship is not available, inquire about renting a room for your class.

Call Broadridge and ask for our guide on “Obtaining an Educational Sponsor.”

The Time

  • Don’t start before 6:30 pm. People need time to arrive after work.
  • Don’t start after 7:30 pm. People won’t stay out too late.
  • Don’t expect people to leave work to attend.
  • End on time. Don’t run your seminar later than published.

The Dates                                                                                                                                

  • The best days to hold seminars are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. (See our Seminar Marking Calendar for specific dates.)
  • Weekends, holidays, dates of major sporting events, such as playoffs and championships, and election days should be avoided.
  • If your class is two or more weeks, hold the class on the same day of the week in consecutive weeks. Example: If session one is on a Tuesday night, session two should be scheduled the following Tuesday night and so on. Refrain from trying to get people to commit to more than one session during the same week as this will diminish your response.

The Mail Piece

  • Use the language provided in the dining invitation. The wording captures years of industry experience by Broadridge.
  • If possible, obtain a logo of the seminar location to add familiarity to the offering. Put the logo on the front of the brochure, if possible.
  • Schedule the brochure to arrive in homes at least two weeks prior to the first seminar date.
  • We can accept any content that you have created or have secured permission to utilize, however, additional time will be required. By providing your own content or the content from a third party, you represent that you have the authority to use and/or modify that information and are giving Broadridge permission to use that information in the printing of your mailing piece.

The List

  • List information is gathered from a variety of different sources. Lists are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. The demographic information and the address information are subject to the list collection methodology of the list provider and verification procedures.
  • Broadridge only uses reputable list sources with established track records. However, the lists will contain inaccuracies.
  • The only accurate way to validate income level is to review solid documentation. Verification of confidential information will need to take place during appointments with clients.
  • Standard deliverability rates are typically in the 95%-98% range (national standard).
  • Individuals within a particular ZIP Code may or may not be included in a list that you select. Although some homes or individuals may match your selected criteria, they may not receive the mailing if the list company is unable to verify their actual demographics. This is a standard challenge facing list-accumulation companies.
  • Due to Do Not Call regulations, Broadridge does not offer phone numbers with acquired lists. If you desire phone numbers, please discuss the options with your Marketing Consultant.

Mail Delivery

  • Pieces are mailed Standard Presort.
  • Additional time will be required for jobs located in Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Pieces should be scheduled to be delivered to the destination address no later than 14 calendar days before the seminar date.
  • Broadridge cannot dictate delivery time to the USPS and is not responsible for early or late deliveries relative to the seminar date. Often, the mailing will be delivered over several days to the destination addresses.
  • Responses to any offer or call for reservation will vary, and Broadridge cannot predict when or how quickly your prospects will respond.
  • Broadridge is not responsible for results. Please request feedback to help ensure your success.
  • Broadridge is not responsible for advisors’ mailings that overlap in an area.


  • Registrations should be handled by a live contact. Be sure to check with your educational facility to see if they have the capability of taking registrations.
  • Voice mail leaves the potential attendee uncertain and will diminish responses.


  • Confirm attendance two to three days prior to the seminar.
  • Confirmations should be done through a phone call.

After the Seminar

  • Follow up within two business days to schedule and confirm complimentary consultations.
  • If you wait any longer, there is a very good chance of losing your prospects.
  • It is best to schedule the appointments yourself, instead of using an assistant. It will be much harder for your prospects to turn you down than your assistant. If you’ve established rapport, the sense of obligation will be strong.

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