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I Am Successful When I…

Take a time-out and ponder your success.

June 1, 2017

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I Am Successful When I…

Take a time-out and ponder your success. Consider your most recent quantifiable success that gave you a profound sense of accomplishment. Now, dig deeper and validate what occurred that led to your success. Generally there will be several subtle and nuanced actions that occurred. In my own career as a financial advisor I recall a time when I decided to test the loyalty and satisfaction of my top 10 clients.

In personal meetings with each of the 10 during a review, I paused and asked each client, “Do you know of anyone else who has the same or similar financial planning needs as your own, and if so, would you be willing to give me a favorable introduction?” Within two weeks, eight of the 10 responded. One gave me three referrals, two gave me two referrals, and six gave me one referral — 13 referrals in total. Within 12 months, most had become clients. I also observed that only one became a client immediately, necessitating a nurturing process with newsletters sent on a monthly basis.

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