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It’s Seminar Season

September, October, and early November are very popular months to host a seminar.

August 24, 2016

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It’s Seminar Season

On an industry-wide basis, the number-one tool for filling your pipeline with qualified prospects is hosting public or co-sponsored seminars.  September, October, and early November are very popular months to engage and fill the seats with qualified prospects who want to learn more about improving their financial futures.

Among most generations — baby boomer, Generation X, millennial — there is a strong desire to increase financial knowledge and prepare for a more secure future. Not only will these adults be motivated to attend a financial education seminar, but they will consider it to be a nonthreatening opportunity to learn how they can make more informed decisions about their money and benefit from your knowledge. Most seminars result in more than 50% of the attendees requesting a follow-up meeting to discuss how their goals and objectives can be met with professional guidance and services.  Only you can make it happen.