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Measuring Marketing Success

Are your marketing efforts delivering qualified prospects?

July 11, 2017

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Measuring Marketing Success

Are your marketing efforts delivering “qualified” prospects for you to work with?

What is a qualified prospect? Three primary criteria should be included:

  1. Someone who has a current or potential financial need
  2. Someone who has the resources to address his or her need, currently or potentially in the future
  3. Someone who feels enough “pain” to do something and take next steps, preferably with you

If you are meeting with prospects who have none, one, or even two of the criteria, you may be wasting your time. You may find yourself to be very busy, but less productive. Take time to evaluate how you are generating new business and whether you have enough discipline to modify your marketing patterns and processes, if warranted.

The good news… third-party vendors like Broadridge Advisor Solutions are in a strong position to assist you with a more productive marketing result. Effective marketing will include your approach to a compelling website presence, newsletters, seminars, email marketing, and much more.

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