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Nurturing Prospects Today

It often takes a life-changing experience for a prospect to seek out help.

April 6, 2017

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Nurturing Prospects Today

There is a big difference between a current client and a prospect. With a client, the rapport and relationship already exist; with a prospect, the rapport and relationship are just beginning. Financial advisors have a list of individual prospects they have met, yet there is no working relationship due to one or more of these reasons:

1. The prospect has no needs.

2. The prospect has no resources to solve the needs.

3. The prospect is fine with the status quo and doesn’t feel sufficient pain to take the next step (with you or anyone else).

Most prospects meet the first two criteria. The main challenge is motivating the prospect to take the next steps with you as financial advisor. It often takes a life-changing experience for this to happen. This is why you need to develop a “nurturing” strategy that will keep you top of mind. Industry studies have found that you need at least 12 to 18 meaningful contacts per year to remain top of mind. Current, compelling, and credible newsletters, printed or digital, are a great solution to staying in front of prospects. Seminars and email marketing campaigns can also be great tools and techniques to engage with prospects.

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