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The Referral Chain of Events

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November 28, 2016

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The Referral Chain of Events

Beginning in the early 1990s, the referral chain of events evolved from two steps to three.

The two-step process was when one of your satisfied customers had a conversation with a friend or colleague about wealth management, retirement planning, or perhaps estate planning. Routinely, your name would be mentioned as a capable financial professional who has helped them and potentially could help the friend or colleague, thereby completing Step 1. Oftentimes, your client’s friend or colleague would call you to arrange a meeting to discuss his or her needs and objectives, and to determine whether your products and services aligned, completing Step 2.

Today, according to an Adweek survey, 81% of the time the referred friend or colleague will first check the Internet to learn more about you and validate if a next step is warranted. For many individuals, if you are not e-visible because they can’t find your website, you may be deemed invisible. And, potentially, no contact is made.

Don’t run the risk of Step 3 being incomplete. Validate yourself with a professional website that allows prospects to meet you online before they call you.

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