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What to Expect from Your Advisor Website

How an advisor website helps support your business.

May 2, 2017

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What to Expect from Your Advisor Website

Your website plays a significant role for your financial practice, and it is perhaps the most important tool in generating referrals.

There are many facts and misconceptions about what a website will do to support your business marketing efforts. Let’s dive into the truth about what a website will do for your business and its growth.

A website is more than just a prospecting tool
The main purpose of a professional website is to validate your business and the services you offer. It is your business’s marketing hub where clients and prospects can inquire about your services 24/7.

In addition, it is perhaps the most important method to support your referral strategy. (I will get to that in my next section.)

If you are not e-visible, then you are invisible
Studies indicate that 80% of buyers look at a firm’s website when they are referred, and 52% of referrals will rule a firm out before ever speaking to them.*

These numbers are alarming, because a majority of referrals are evaluating your services online before they even consider doing business with you. Your online presence needs to stand out, or potential clients will decide not to do business with your firm.

Moreover, the millennial generation looks up everything online. So if you do not have an online presence, then chances are you do not exist to millennials.

You must promote your website to attract visitors
Your website is not going to attract visitors on its own. List your website address everywhere you can, such as your business card, newsletter, and email signature. Additional options include promoting your website through social media (if allowed by your firm) or paying for enhanced search engine marketing.

There are tons of options for promoting your website. The key is to be proactive so your website will generate more visits by prospects and clients.

When evaluating the use of a website, remember these three facts:

  1. A website is not intended to be just a prospecting tool
  2. If you are not e-visible, then you are invisible
  3. You must constantly promote your website to attract visitors
*Source: Hinge Research Institute, 2015