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Broadcasting Thought Leadership

Make sure your content meets the 3-C test.

October 16, 2017

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Broadcasting Thought Leadership

Financial advisors have no shortage of venues and media to demonstrate thought leadership with their clients, prospects, and members of their community. Advisors should send a monthly newsletter, print and/or digital to their target market, which should include clients and prospects. Fortunately, third-party marketing partners are prepared to provide the content and give you all the credit. When your name, picture, and contact information appears at the beginning of each newsletter, the recipient’s presumption is that you are the author. (Few read the fine print at the end that may indicate otherwise.) The content needs to meet the 3-C test: Is it current, credible, and compelling?

Another great opportunity for building a community awareness of your thought leadership is through seminars at public, worksite, and client venues, at a community service club, or through adult education at the local college. Depending on the community’s demographics, word travels fast and reputations are noted.

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