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DOL Fiduciary Rule: The Fog Is Lifting

The DOL fiduciary rule will now make you lead with education.

August 31, 2016

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DOL Fiduciary Rule: The Fog Is Lifting

Even though a few industry-related advocacy groups are challenging the Department of Labor’s new regulation, firms, broker-dealers, and Registered Investment Advisors are beginning to abide by and implement the change.  Aside from compensation strategies, most financial advisors I have spoken to agree that this regulation will have minimal effect on their business processes.

From an IRA and qualified  retirement plan marketing standpoint, a key to your success will be to lead with education followed by product-specific and fiduciary-sensitive discussions with clients and prospects.  You can continue providing non-product-specific and non-investment-recommendation education in your newsletters, seminars, worksite marketing, etc., without creating a Best Interest Contract trigger.  Using a marketing process that educates prior to the specific product introduction, you will end up with more informed clients making the right buying decisions for the right reasons.