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Is There More to Marketing Than Referrals?

Financial advisors cannot predict with precision how many referrals they will receive each year.

April 30, 2017

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Is There More to Marketing Than Referrals?

The phone rings and the voice on the other end, someone who was referred to you by one of your satisfied clients, is seeking a meeting with you to discuss investments and financial advice in general.  This is always a welcome part of the business cycle.  Referrals validate that you are doing a good job with your clients and have a new opportunity to build your book of business.  A warning, though: There is more to marketing than referrals.  No financial advisor can predict with precision how many referrals he or she will receive each year.

Your marketing strategy needs to encompass inbound marketing tools such as a professional website and social media presence.  Outbound marketing tools such as seminars, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and alerts are also vital to remain top of mind with clients and prospects.  You should be investing your time meeting with clients and qualified prospects, and you might also consider teaming up with a marketing partner who can help provide additional tools you need to make marketing happen … above and beyond the generous referral.

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