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Digital Marketing: Driving Visitor Engagement and Lead Conversion

Learn how to create an online experience that your clients and prospects will value.



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Digital Marketing: Driving Visitor Engagement and Lead Conversion

How can financial advisors drive website and online engagement? Achieving this in our regulated, compliance managed industry can be a challenge.

In this panel session from the Broadridge Matrix Get Connected Conference, industry experts review the different types of website traffic (organic, referral, direct and social) and discuss methods to leverage and convert this traffic into strong relationships and leads. They also discuss how to optimize channels that drive website traffic, including SEO, advertising, and social media, and why it’s important to create an engaging website experience that clients and prospects value.

Panel participants:

  • Sharon Greener, Vice President Sales, Broadridge Advisor Solutions (moderator)
  • Brendan Deasy, Vice President Web Strategy, Wells Fargo
  • Brian Bock, Assistant Director Digital Marketing, Northwestern Mutual
  • Steve Holstein, CMO, Covestor