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What Clients Expect from Their Advisor

The number one client expectation? Act with the highest ethical standards.

December 1, 2017

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What Clients Expect from Their Advisor

It should come as no surprise that the number one client expectation from their advisor is that he or she “act with the highest ethical standards,” according to a recent Roubini ThoughtLab study. Following your moral values and maintaining ethical behavior will strengthen your bonds with your clients. In this day and age, your reputation can travel at the speed of the Internet. For instance, setting customer expectations too high and not meeting the objectives can and will rally contempt for you and your practice. Nonresponsiveness to a client’s phone calls, texts, or emails can be very damaging and can lead to losing the client or even litigation under some circumstances.

Clients love good news and they can handle the bad news if you are an ethical professional. Putting your clients’ needs ahead of your own is one of the most compelling formulas for fostering clients for life. A great way to help accomplish this is through meaningful contact with your clients, such as office visits, phone calls, emails, newsletters, and remembering the important days in their lives.