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The Power of Language That Sells

More attention should be given to the words we use in the financial planning environment.

September 14, 2016

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The Power of Language That Sells

More attention should be given to the words and language we use in the financial planning environment.  Without exception, clients and prospects are very attentive to the intimate process of creating and implementing their financial plans.  The power of useful and helpful language can be very impactful when meeting with the individuals you are trying to help.  One of the most impactful phrases I have heard and often used is: “I am (we are) not satisfied until I (we) know you are completely satisfied.”  People like to know they are part of a respectful and personal relationship rather than a cold and impersonal process.

Words are often the most important differentiator.  Never take a too casual or impersonal tone, such as referring to others as “you guys.” Address planning components in terms your clients will understand.  To relate more closely to your clients, refer to them by their first or preferred names.  Remember, there are lots of Roberts who prefer Rob or Bob, as well as Carolines who prefer Carol.  And using words that focus on the benefits of the financial plan are far more persuasive than focusing on the features of a plan.

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