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Realistic Goal-Based Planning for Retirement

Successful advisors are skilled in helping clients set realistic goals.

August 12, 2016

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Realistic Goal-Based Planning for Retirement

We all live in a very complicated world surrounded by choices.  When prospects first approach a financial advisor, there is usually a healthy dose of confusion, skepticism, and fear that their dreams for the future may never be realized.  One of the greatest benefits a financial planner can impart is a realistic future.  The nexus for the prospect’s future will be the intersection of income and expenses.

In the world of retirement, income and expenses should complement, not compete, with each other.  Successful advisors are skilled in understanding and helping clients set realistic goals.  There will always be finite financial resources that need to be properly positioned to optimize retirement needs.  Again, this requires the discipline of a structured and realistic plan.  Rational clients will always appreciate the advisor who explains the difference between retirement wants versus needs.  Be bold!